Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Your Voice: Help Keep Roadless Areas...Roadless

We runners tend to be a motivated lot. It's not always easy to get in the miles when life throws big work weeks, heavy class schedules, or horrid weather your way, but somehow we manage to get out the door regardless. At times, we're called to put some of that motivation to use toward causes other than the kinetic part of running, and it seems that this is one of those times. Our nation's wild roadless areas are at risk, and their fate hangs in part on our ability to move policy makers to act to preserve the pristine backcountry so many of us love. The New York Times recently ran a good story and an editorial outlining the key issues (story; editorial). Basically, the roadless areas in the nation's wildernesses are being over-run by off-road vehicles and, even worse, offered up to the highest corporate bidders. Whether you get to enjoy running the serene backcountry or just love knowing it's there, it's time to let the White House and Congress know that we won't let one of the nation's greatest assets be sold off or ruined for our generation and those that come after us. Here's what we can do:

Let them know:
White House (link)
Congress (link)
Bureau of Land Management (link)
Help the cause:
Heritage Forests Campaign (link)
Wood River Land Trust (link )
Nature Conservancy (link)

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